2016  | 60’

A performance project in collaboration with Nic Green

Supported by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Arts Admin, Glasgow City Council and Senate Chancellery for Culture, Berlin.

TURN was a performance project created especially for the Govan Dry Docks in Glasgow, UK. Across three significant evenings in the September lunar calendar, a composition for bells and voice rang out from the Docks, as the low tide turned.

Bringing together radio-broadcast speech, a bespoke choir and a series of hand-cast bells made in and with the people of Govan, TURN was a unique performance of people, place and acoustic instrumentation.

The TURN project drew a number of ‘circles’ in its creation. It paid attention to the macro-cycles of moon and tide, and the project itself was structured around and consciously integrated into these systems. Within this we drew geographical circles in and around Govan, with the creation of hand bells, as well as presenting the stories of local life cycles and change, through the voices of women celebrating their birthdays.

Four Humours

2004  | 8’

For mixed amateur ensemble

Four Humours was written for and premiered by the CoMA London Ensemble, conducted by Gregory Rose at the Spitalfields Festival, London. It has subsequently had numerous performances by CoMA ensembles throughout the UK, and in Germany

For further information, see the CoMA catalogue

Another night song

2013  | 6’

For mixed amateur ensemble

This night song began its life having much in common with its relation, the opening movement of Words which is subtitled ‘a night song’.As Another night song gradually evolved away from these origins the atmosphere of night transformed from eerie uncertainty into nocturnal calmness. Here the gentle rocking rhythms of the repetitions in the ensemble spin, evolve and fall back on themselves amidst a web of white noise from radios and paper sounds.

For further information, see the CoMA catalogue