Obstinare was first performed by the LONDON SINFONIETTA & DOMINIC MULDOWNEY (conductor) in March 2003

Subsequently peformed by ENSEMBLE LINEA  & JEAN-PHILIPPE WURTZ (conductor) at FESTIVAL MUSICA, Strasbourg (France) in October 2007


Duration: 6’


Instrumentation: flute, oboe, clarinet, harp,  piano, violin & cello

Obstinare is Old English for obstinate, which also has roots in ostinato. The main thrust of the piece is a persistent idea of rhythm and pitches. The character of the piece is very inflexible and adamant that it will not be changed. This characterisation is defined by the high-register wind and the percussive nature of the piano part in the first two thirds of the piece. On the whole the attack of the notes are aggressive; nothing ever really creeps in, it is there to be counted!

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