IS is a set of four piano miniatures which was first performed by ROLF HIND at the Wigmore Hall, London (UK) in December 2006. He gave further performances in Cardiff and Edinburgh. Miniature IV was revised in 2009.

It has subsequently been performed by YANNICK WIRNER in Karlsruhe in 2007; by MAXIME SPRINGER at Abbaye d’Royaumont (France) in September 2009 ; and by NINON GLOGER at Rheinsberg Musikakademie (Germany) in May 2012.  


Duration: 6’


Instrumentation: solo piano

I    Transparent

II    (Untitled)

III    Frozen

IV    (Untitled)


My initial idea centred around different characteristics of ice. ‘Is’ is the Old English (and also used in some Scandanavian languages now) for ice. This idea transformed into a desire to write pieces that just ‘are’: that had simple, mostly non-developmental structures.  

This is a suggested order only – they can be played in any desired order.

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