Always again  


Always again was written and premiered by KATE HALSALL & FUMIKO MIYACHI (pianos), CHIMERA ENSEMBLE, JAMES WHITTLE (conductor)

November 2014 at St Paul’s Hall, hcmf// (UK)


a version for two pianos and percussion was premiered in December 2014 at Goldsmiths University, London (UK)


Commission: Kate Halsall & RVW Trust


Duration: 14’


Instrumentation: (version with ensemble) two pianos and ensemble (  -  1.1. (also flugelhorn ) 1.0.  -  perc (3)  -

…………………………..(version without ensemble) two pianos  and percussion (1)

always – ealne weg – all the way, the whole way


again – back to a starting point


The relentless aggressiveness of the two hocketting pianos is initially given scant respite from the obsessive repetitions. An impetus for change comes once the ensemble joins in, thinning out the dense chords in the piano, and allowing the music to finally go elsewhere other than back again.

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